Monday, April 9, 2012

Exploring Maeda Flats at Lowtide

After exploring the Zakimi Castle and checking out Maeda Point we walked down the road to Maeda Flats. Today was a perfect day for exploring this area due to the very low tide. These 6 were ready for some beach fun and lots of creature exploring.

The kids all wore their watershoes because of the sharp rocks and coral. Also, there were sea urchins in many of the tidal pools. Of course Cooper was so excited! We also found many sea cucumbers. They are the black long things. They don't hurt you, just look weird. I love this clam I found. Many of the locals come to this area to go clamming during low tide.

There was also a really cool cave to play in. Emma and Addie set up their restaurant and Parker was ready to place his order. The cave went pretty far back. They spent the most time playing around here. It was a perfect place to play.

Spring Break Adventure #1 Complete!

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