Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glow Bracelet Craziness at the Park

Saturday night we had so much fun down at the park. I wanted to do a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. I bought a bunch of glow bracelets to put inside the eggs, unfortunately they didn't fit. That did not stop us from having some fun glow bracelet craziness! We went down to the park at sunset and started the glow sticks going. Daddy was the best at getting them all cracked completely.

Over and over we took turns throwing them out across the grass. The kids went crazy trying to get as many glow bracelets as possible. They LOVED it! It wasn't completely dark but the bracelets still glowed brightly. Of my camera is great at taking pictures in low light, so you don't get the full effect.

They tossed them up to the sky and made circles and all sorts of craziness with their arms. They were having so much fun. They didn't want to stop. This was one of the funnest activities we have done in a long time. We will definitely be doing this again!

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