Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Picnic and Egg Hunt at the Park

We went to our favorite park by our house, Comprehensive Park for a yummy picnic and egg hunt. Diana and I made some yummy food. The kids all sat in the grass and ate. They have the funniest conversations. The 6 of them get along so well!

While Josh and Max hid all the eggs we took some really cute pictures of all the kids. Emma just loves Hannah and Addie! She loves having girls to play with.

They were all so excited for the egg hunt. We had so many eggs. The kids spent and hour on Saturday filling over 200 eggs. So of course it took some time hiding all those eggs.

Parker got a head start. He was so happy about that! There were eggs everywhere, plenty for everyone. The older kids found eggs hidden in trees, under leaves and in the roots of trees. It was a great egg hunt!
 This was the perfect Easter afternoon in Okinawa!

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