Saturday, April 14, 2012

1st Visit to Shuri Castle

Finally we had a family day. We decided to go visit the Shuri Castle. The Shuri Castle is the most restored castle on the island. It really is beautiful. More info about the castle can be found HERE. The castle park is huge. We only spent time at the main castle but there is so much more to see and explore.

There are so many different gates leading up the hill to the main castle. The kids loved them and wanted to stop at each one.

These two stopped long enough for me to get a picture with them. The other 2 were running around having too much fun.

This is the main castle. We were able to take a tour through the inside, of course without shoes. We saw the gold throne, the king's crown and more cool things. Photography was prohibited in most parts of the inside. It was really beautiful and cool to see where the kings and their family lived.

We had such a wonderful time all together. Too bad spring break is almost over. We have had a great week, just wish Daddy could have joined us for more exploring!

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