Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Stop- Ikei Beach

Ikei Beach is one of the beaches in Okinawa you have to pay an entrance fee. Its a nice beach that is well roped off with jelly fish nets. Today for Mother's Day, Diana and I were free. Also, the kids all got free ice cream! We all swam and played on the beach for a few hours.

Hannah had a fun time swimming out to the floating raft and putting on a water jumping show for everyone. She really wanted Carson to do it also, but he was too scared. He did swim out there with her though, hand and hand, she got him there and back. They really are the best of friends!

Diana and I had a great Mother's Day. Both are hubby's are gone so it was nice to have each other today and all weekend. The kids had fun playing and we enjoyed chatting on the beach. We should have 6 very tired kiddos after our 3 day beach adventure!

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