Friday, May 11, 2012

Starting the Weekend Out Right

Today was beautiful, warm and sunny. After school we met the girls at Torii Beach. The tide was out and the water was so calm, just like a lake.

The splash pad and waterslide were open and this was our first time playing there. Parker and Emma just loved the splash pad. Carson and Cooper loved the waterslide. They have never gone down a waterslide by themselves before. The lifeguard was awesome and would catch them if they said they wanted that. They just loved it and went down time and time again.

After eating dinner at the beachside Sunset Grill, we went back down to the water to watch the sun go down. It was magical. So beautiful!

Walking back to the car Cooper found this starfish. This is the 2nd starfish he has found here. He was so excited about it. And he was so sweet, he gave it to Addie who really wanted a starfish of her own. Such a sweet boy!

As you can see, Cooper was all about getting his picture taken today. He normally fusses about it and makes goofy faces. Today he went along with me requests and they all look so cute!

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