Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 338 of 365

Today Grandma Michele and Grandpa Jim came over for breakfast. The kids ate and played for a little bit. Grandma Michele watched the kids while I went with Josh to pick up his race packet. When we got back Michele and I took the kids to Target. We came home and everyone else came over around 12 to watch the Civil War game. I think we were 50/50- half for the Beavers, half for the Ducks. YiaYia around around 1:30. Later in the afternoon we all went to Church. The kids were excited, as always. It was a great service. Josh and I both really enjoyed it. After Church we came home and ate dinner. Everyone left around 7:30. The kids and Josh went to bed. I stayed up and watched some TV. It's really raining right now, I sure hope it clears up for Josh's marathon tomorrow morning!

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