Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 345 of 365

Today Josh had to go into work for 2 hours. So, the kids and I got breakfast and coffee. We ate. The boys played the Wii. Emma helped me fold clothes. When Josh got home I went grocery shopping. We ate lunch then got ready to go to Bayside of Lincoln's (the smaller chapter of our Church) Winter Wonderland Festival. Oh my, it was so much fun!!!! The kids got to make frames, meet Santa and get their picture taken, eat yummy cookies and popcorn, ride on a pony, pet chickens and goats and sheep, have balloon animals made, climb a rock wall (or attempt to climb) and climb all around a firetruck all while listening to great Christmas music, and all for free. It was an amazing afternoon. The weather was great and everyone had so much fun!!!

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