Friday, September 9, 2011

Daddy's Conversation with his Baby Girl

Josh always takes time to talk to each of the kids separately before he leaves. Emma's talk was so cute and funny tonight. I'm so happy I was able to sneak a few pictures.

Daddy: Emma, are you going to be a good girl while I'm gone and listen to Mommy?

Emma: Of course. Are you going the next day?

Daddy: I'm going tomorrow.

Emma: So next day?

Daddy: Yes. Are you going to miss me?

Emma: Yeeesssss. Does Santa really exist?

Daddy: Yes, of course, why would you ask that?

Emma: Well he lives in the snow right? Why? Does he come here?

Daddy: Yes, Santa comes here.

Emma: Does he have helpers? He can't do it all himself. How does he get here?

Daddy: Don't worry Emma, Santa will come. Ok, time for bed, I love you. Give me a kiss.

Emma: You have to kiss my bear. I love my pink bear.

Daddy: Do you know who got you the bear?

Emma: No, you?

Daddy: Yes. I got that bear at the hospital on the day you were born. You were still in Mommy's tummy when I bought it for you. So really, that bear is older than you. I was so excited to have a baby girl!

Emma: I love you Dad.

Daddy: Emma, I love you so much.

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  1. I dont know if its just me being tired and tat emotional tonight (no idea why!) but them photos had me crying it must be very hard for all of you with Josh being away from you all for long periods of time. *HUGS**