Sunday, September 25, 2011

Us Right Now


* He has already made his Christmas list, about 4 pages long now. Everything on his list is Legos. Carson can play with his Legos all day long and never get tired of them.

* His top front tooth is very loose and should come out this week. His new smile is going to be so goofy! He is more interested in knowing how much $ the tooth fairy leaves for a big front tooth.

* He is finally feeling better about school. He has been working really hard on his spelling words. His reading ability has greatly improved.

* He loves going to PE at school. He has to run 2 miles by the end of the year. He thinks this is so cool and wants to train with Daddy.


* His bottom front tooth is still hanging on by a thread. He hates seeing blood so he doesn't want help pulling it out. He is very excited to loose his first tooth!

* He is doing well in school. He has a lot more homework this year. This is his first week having spelling words and a spelling test on Friday.

* He has also been working on his Christmas list. Also, everything on his list is Legos as well. Cooper also only plays with Legos. He loves to build a set, take it apart, and build it again.

* He is the best bug killer.


* She loves to color all the time. As soon as she wakes up she gets the coloring books and crayons out.

* She loves to pretend to cook. She will watch cooking shows on youtube then copy them. She always is asking for customers.

* She still loves playing with her Barbies. If she isn't playing with a Barbie, there is one sitting next to her watching her color.

* She loves weekdays when the boys are at school. She gets to be the boss of Parker and do what she wants.


* He is making very good progress with potty training! We are about half way there. I'm very proud of him. This week he has really finally gotten the concept.

* He is in love with his Batman and friends guys. He plays with his Batcave and Green Lantern hideout all day. He is always begging someone to play guys with him.

* He is really talking so much better. He will say the funniest things. However, he does like to say mean things.

* He still sleeps with his blue blankie every night and only with that blankie.


* He came home last week and had a few days off! Too bad he had a terrible cold but he is feeling much better now.

* He is training for the Naha Marathon in December. It is so hot and humid here so it is making training a lot more difficult.

* He joined his squadron's soccer team. They have their first practice tonight. He is very excited to start playing soccer again.


* I'm feeling old. I'm really not looking forward to turning 30.

* This week I'm determined to cook more and do some baking. I'm trying to narrow down my choices for which cake to make on my birthday. I would love to make a lemon cake, but I don't think the kids would like that.

* I'm hoping to get some scrapbooking done this week. I would be really excited if my new scrapbook supplies arrived this week. I have been waiting for 5+ weeks for my order to get here.

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