Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 185 of 365

Today was 4th of July. We had a full day with lots of fun things. We woke up early for Josh's race. His Mom and Dad also ran the race. We headed out at 5:15. The half marathon was out on Sauvie Island. Josh kicked butt and got the fastest time he has ever gotten for a half marathon, 1:41:30. I was so proud of him!!! Michele did great also! After the race we came home and rested for a little bit. Then we headed out to the park for a picnic with our whole family, mine and Josh's. It was so nice to get all together instead of going to two different places. The kids had a great time running around the park and the food was great! The kids were so excited to do fireworks and they begged the sun to go down all day. Before fireworks Josh built a fire in the firepit and we roasted marshmallows. Josh's family came over for fireworks and we all sat in the driveway together and walked Josh's firework show. He always does such a great job! Parker and Emma watched a few but then they went to bed. Carson and Cooper loved the fireworks so much!! It was a perfect 4th of July!

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