Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 206 of 365

Today we got up early and went to Church. Josh and I were so tired but we went and were both really happy we did. We came home. Josh started cleaning and I went to the grocery store. After lunch I started Emma's birthday cake. She decided on a white chocolate raspberry swirl cake. The cake took all day to make. The house took Josh all day to clean. In the middle of decorating the Barbie cake Parker bashed his eye on the corner of the window seal. There was blood everywhere which of course sent Josh and Carson into panic mode. He has a pretty big gash near his eyebrow/eye- but not too close. Its pretty much in the same spot as Carson & Cooper's scar. Crazy. The Basset family came over for Emma's birthday party. We opened presents, had cake, and played on the slip'n'slide. Emma got some great gifts and she is so excited to play with everything. Thank you everyone!!

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