Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emma's 6th Birthday

Joshua made it home a few days before Emma's 6th birthday, she was so excited! She had a nice long birthday spanning several days. One day she went out with Daddy and got to pick a new Barbie. She also got to go to Daddy's work, which is a big deal. She is the only one that has been inside now. Another day I surprised her with her first manicure with her friends Hannah and Addie. She was so excited. We had a great girlie afternoon.

For her party she decided on a Princess and the Frog theme, which completely surprised me. We had the McMillan's over for dinner and ice cream sundaes. She had a wonderful birthday playing with her brothers and best friends.

That weekend we went to the Oura Wan Cottages and stayed overnight. We had one cottage and the McMillan's had one right next door. The kids played in one while we were in the other. They loved pretending to have their own house. We played at the beach. We BBQ and everyone stayed up very late!!! It was so much fun, really, it was, as you can see, I didn't even get my camera out once. Emma had a very special birthday week!

(Should have been posted July 21st)

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