Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Playing in the Waves

Sunday and Monday were spent sitting at home while the baby Typhoon Haikui passed. Lots of rain and some wind, but nothing too bad. We just couldn't go anywhere. Today the rain slowed somewhat. The kids needed to get out and run. Diana and I decided to go to the beach and look for what treasures might have been washed up. We didn't find anything because the ocean was still churning. That didn't stop the kids from enjoying the waves! The waves were huge, especially the ones breaking out a little farther on the reef. And yes, we watched the kids very closely! It was so humid that my lens kept fogging up!

Today is the last day my little man is 3. He is very excited for his birthday tomorrow! I on the other hand will hold on to these last few years with my precious 3 year old. Four sounds way too old!

I took so many pictures of the kids playing in the waves. Some of them are so funny. You can click on them to see them bigger.

What a wonderful day. We came home and got cleaned up. Now to watch, "The Lorax" and eat popcorn.

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