Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunset at Toguchi Beach

Carson and Hannah have been pretty into Harry Potter this week, so they have taken their wands everywhere. The other kids decided they needed wands as well. Here they all are, soaked but ready to cast some magic spells.

We walked through some of the trails at Toguchi. The views are so wonderful. I love sitting and watching the waves break on the rough cliffs.

As the sun finally began to go down it was beautiful with all the clouds. It was breathtaking. The kids went back to the park to play while we sat and enjoyed the sunset.

Carson and Hannah wandered back over by us, wands in hand. They were all ready for a mini photo shoot. They had so much fun casting spells and jumping. They are the bestest friends!
We had a wonderful Friday afternoon and evening with the girls. It is always nice to hang out with Diana when Josh is gone. Without her I would be so lonely when Josh is TDY.

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