Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Family Goals

1. Read
The kids have a great collection of books. Carson loves reading and listening to me read. The other kids, not so much. However, I think reading is very important. Our family goal is to read 1-3 books together a month.

2. Eat
We need to eat more veggies around here. Dinner usually involves making 2 or more different meals. Parker eats almost anything. Emma eats a lot and will at least try a bite. Cooper will sometimes try something new. Carson will NOT try anything new. I would love if we would all just eat the same thing. Our family goal is to try what mom makes and eat healthier. The kids will earn stickers for trying what I make. When they get 15 stickers they will receive a reward.

3. Exercise
Josh and I are members at 24hour fitness. We both have been 1 time in the last 3 months. Our goal is to go as much as possible every month. The person that goes the most during the month will receive a reward. Our goal is also to go on 1 family walk a week.

4. Family
The kids love having movie night. Our goal is to have 1 family night a week. We may watch a movie, play games, or bake something. We also need to talk nicer to one another and be better helpers.

5. Money
We are going to try to save more money. Our Starbucks spending is OUTRAGOUS! I got a new Frappaccino maker for Christmas. I will be able to make my drinks at home. Our goal is to go to Starbucks 1 time a week, instead of 7 times a week at $8 a visit. Also, we want to stay on our monthly budget and pay off debt.

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