Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Goals Check In

1. Read 1 book I read 3 books: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. 1760 pages!
2. Scrapbook 15 pages I completed 14 pages.
3. Cook I made 4 slowcooker meals, which is a huge time saver! I also made 4 recipes from a magazine or cookbook. I would have made more, but so many of my recipes are desserts. Eating dessert does not equal weight loss.
4. Journal daily 31 days!

5. Savings My goals was to spend $100 a week on groceries. Unfortunately, with a family of 6, that is a hard goal to make. So, I have focused on saving 50%. I saved $496.27 this month.

1. Read We did some reading, but need to work at this more.
2. Eat Emma beat the boys by trying more new foods. She is really the only one willing to try anything new. Cooper sometimes will try, but Carson, he only tried 1 new thing.
3. Exercise We lost track of how many times we each went, but we are making great progress considering how little free time we have.
4. Family We had 1 family night. We need to improve in this area also.
5. Starbucks While I wasn't able to get to 1 trip a week, I did manage to cut my trips in half. When Josh has days it is no problem avoiding Starbucks, but the weekends and when he has swings, it is just too tempting.

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