Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 of 365

Finally . . . Saturday! We slept in until 7:30ish. We had our usual weekend donuts and coffee. Josh went to the gym. I spent the morning cooking. I cooked 4.5 lbs of hamburger, cooked 3lbs chicken in the slow cooker to be shredded and cut up 3lbs of chicken into chunks. Josh has 2 lbs of chicken breast to grill. For less than $20 we have 6 bags of cooked hamburger, 6 bags of shredded chicken, 6 bags of chunked chicken, and 2 bags of drumsticks in the freezer. That is enough for 20 meals! Not bad I think. My goal of spending $100 on groceries was not met this week, however we won't need meat for the next few weeks, so I should be able to make up the difference then. I spent $140.57 but I saved $152.83, over 50%! The kids and I went on a walk today, well they rode their bikes. I went to Michaels and used my gift certificate from Christmas (Thank you Caleb!). For dinner we made homemade rolls, baked chicken nuggest, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Emma earned 2 points, Cooper earned 2 points, and Carson earned 1 point. They all freaked out and cried when they saw the 2 green beans on their plate. Cooper was the only 1 that took a bite, which of course he spit out. Parker ate everything. Anyway, it was a pretty good Saturday, it just went by too fast.

(I will at some point post some pictures. I never seem to take many pictures in January, but I will try tomorrow)

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