Monday, June 21, 2010

Church Camp- Day #1

- painted the penguin with sand paint
- built a sugar cube igloo
- loved the cheese taco and popsicles
- had fun dancing and singing
- fished for little fish and penguins (plastic)

- went to a "concert" as he calls it, really it was just the rally with singing and dancing- he even got to yell into the mike- which he thought was cool
- played on huge blow up bounce house things but didn't go down the waterslide because "I told my leader that I needed to check with my mom first", he is so silly!
- loved his popsicle
- used big spray guns to paint a mural

The boys loved their first day! They got a CD of all the songs they sang. We came home and the both wanted to listen to it first. They sang and danced and loved it! I am so happy to have 2 little boys running around the house singing about God! What a wonderful day. They are so excited for tomorrow!

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