Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 167 of 365

Today the kids were extremely crappy- up too late last night for sure. It got so bad that the big kids had to go in their room during Parker's nap and play quietly. They were a little better by the afternoon. It is amazing how staying up only 1 hour longer greatly affects their attitude the next day. We had a yummy dinner- spaghetti and homemade breadsticks. This time with the breadsticks I used half regular flour and half whole wheat flour. They were amazing and the kids didn't complain about the difference in appearance or taste. Point for me! After dinner Josh and Carson headed out to football camp. The other kids and I went to the last 45 minutes to watch. Carson is having a great time. But, oh my, Josh and I learned that there will be tryouts. What happened to playing for fun, to learn about the game, and letting everyone play? I guess it gets pretty intense. I don't like that. But, as long as he is having fun we will continue the process. We will see what happens.

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