Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 152 of 365

Today Carson stayed home from school- little fever still and cough. He was pretty bummed. By the evening though he was much better, just a cough but a ton of energy. Emma and Cooper have a little bit of what he had. I'm just hoping it doesn't get as bad. Josh had an eventful day at work. When he took off his ear piece, the little pink end part got stuck in his ear, why up there. He went to the medical clinic on base and the doctor was able to get it out. All better. Josh and I enjoyed a late evening BBQ. The boys were in bed on time but Miss Emma did not want to go to bed. When we decided to go to bed around 9:45 she was still up. We asked if she wanted us to lay with her but she yelled at us and kicked us out of her room. She is one moody little girl at times!

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