Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 161 of 365

Today was a much cooler day, only about 80. We filled the pool up early. After Parker's nap we played in the pool for awhile. Really, Carson played in the pool. He jumped and splashed for over an hour. The other ones only played for a few minutes. After the pool we got dressed and headed to the local library. An hour later we walked out with books about the ballet, volcanoes, knights, and lions. After the library we headed to the opening of the Lincoln farmer's market. We walked around and got a few things. We found a spot in the shade and ate our dinner. There was a band playing and the kids were dancing and having a great time. Our local paper asked to take their picture. They asked the kids a few question and had more of a formal interview with Carson. They were pretty cute. We had a great time but we are exhausted and bummed that Daddy had to work.

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