Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 173 of 365

Today Carson and Cooper had another great day at Church camp. They are really having an amazing time there. Today it was hot, hot, hot! We spent the afternoon doing crafts projects, making double chocolate chip fudge peanut butter m&m brownies, and reading books. Of course, the boys had some Wii time. Before bed Carson played with Parker. He let Parker tackle him and hit him. They chased each other through the house until Parker couldn't stand anymore. Parker had so much fun with Carson! Before bed we all sat down together to pray. All 3 of them were so sweet with their prayers. They all prayed for our close friend Nicole- who will be having a c-section tomorrow and will finally get to meet her little man! It was so cute. They are all so excited for Cameron to be a big brother and to see a new baby.

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