Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 261 of 365

Today everyone was so happy to have a day off. A day to hang out and rest. Josh got the kids donuts for breakfast and then made us breakfast. The kids played the wii and played babies. I went to the scrapbook store (one of my favorite, real, scrapbook stores that just reopened 2 days ago). Then I went to the grocery store. Carson has had a loose tooth for about 2 weeks now. Finally, today Josh was able to convince him to pull it out! His first tooth! He is so excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight! After that we all went to Target. The kids loved looking at all the Halloween decorations, and yes, can you believe it, Christmas decorations already. We came home and watched some football. The kids watched "Free Willy". Carson wrote a note to the tooth fairy and went to bed. He did not put the tooth under his pillow because he thought his big head would squish the tooth fairy. So he put it on his desk! Today was also Josh's 9 year anniversary of joining the Air Force. Congrats! Only 11 more years to go!

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