Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Activity Plan

It's time to figure out what the kids are going to do this Fall. They have all been asking when sports are going to start up again. So, here is the plan if we can figure out the financial aspect. Oh my, do things add up when you have so many little ones wanting to do fun things.

Carson- Cub Scouts (once a week), Hoop Improvement (October and November), Basketball (starts in December)

Cooper- Hoop Improvement (October and November), and 1 other thing, He really wanted to do soccer but it is at the same time as cub scouts. So right now he is trying to decide between gymnastics and karate.

Emma- Hoop Improvement (October and November) and Ballet.

I think it will be fun for all 3 big kids to do the Hoop Improvement class together. They are pretty excited to do something as a group. This is probably the only time they will be able to do this before Carson turns 7 and activities get divided by gender.

Emma, Parker and I will also be joining MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). We get together with 30-40 moms and their little ones twice a month. Parker and Emma get to do fun activities while us Mom's get to have Mommy talk time. They also have some fun playdates scheduled as well as Mommy Nights Out.

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