Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: 12 Projects, 12 Times

1. Date Night: Josh and I will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary this year. We only get to go out for date night 2 maybe 3 times a year.  Just because we can't go out somewhere for date night doesn't mean we can't have fun at home. Once a month we will have a special date night at home. This means no facebook, google reader, or pinterest. I have some good ideas, including some from the blog Simply Modern Mom.

2. Explore Okinawa: We want to really take advantage of our time here in Okinawa. We will exploring somewhere new once a month.

3. Special Crafts: The kids and I will continue our crafting fun with a special craft project each month in addition to our regular crafting time.

4. Family Movie Night: As a family we love to watch movies together. Each month we will have a special movie night with yummy treats and popcorn.

5. Decorated Sugar Cookies: This a something new for me. I love looking at professionally decorated cookies. I am a beginner but hope to improve my decorating skills throughout the year. My pinterest cookie board can be seen HERE, lots of inspiration.

6. Family Dinner: This will be a special dinner we all help make together. Sundays are normally our big family dinner nights and that won't change. This will be an even more special time as we cook a new recipe together.

7. Family Picture: It is hard to get a picture of all 6 of us together. Hopefully this will keep me accountable and help remind me to get all of us in the photo.

8. Self Portrait: As many have commented before and noticed, I am not regularly in pictures. I hate having my picture taken. Hopefully as I continue to lose weight I will be more confident in front of the camera.

9. Letter Writing: Josh and I wrote letters every day when he was in basic training, over 10 years ago. Letter writing is something that rarely is done in this age of email and text messages. Once a month we will all work together to write letters to friends and family back home.

10. Kid Dates: It is not very often that Josh or I am able to just take one kid out for a special date, even if its just running errands or going to the BX. This year we will work hard to make sure Carson, Cooper, Emma, and Parker each get some special alone time with one of us.

11. Just Desserts: There are so many yummy dessert recipes I want to make. Even though we are trying to watch what we eat, every once in awhile you just need something sweet.

12. Photo Excursion: I am so happy I got my new camera for Christmas. I have loved the pictures I have taken so far . . .  on auto. I have so much learn. I am hoping once a month I can go out by myself and practice using my camera.

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