Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Family Journal: Week 1, January 1st-7th

Sunday, January 1st: Today after an exciting beach birthday party, we spent the day resting and just staying home. We watched some movies. The kids continued playing with their new toys. It was a great and relaxing way to start the new year.

Monday, January 2nd: Today was another day of relaxation. I don't think any of us were ready for school and work to start back up. We have had a wonderful 2 week break and it has been amazing. I organized the kids closets today. They have so many clothes but now they are organized and all folded in the right place. Of course we will see how long that lasts.

Tuesday, January 3rd: Today the boys went back to school and Josh went back to work. We spent the hour before school watching the Rose Bowl game, go Ducks! The boys and Josh were pretty bummed they couldn't watch the whole game. After school the boys were pretty tired and Carson wasn't feeling well.

Wednesday, January 4th: Today Carson woke up with a fever and bad cough. So the boys stayed home from school. It was a rainy, dark day. We watched movies, including all 3 Jurassic Park movies which they all loved.

Thursday, January 5th: Today Carson stayed home from school again but Cooper went. Carson layed on the couch and rested all day. Emma and Parker spent the day painting, painting, and more painting.

Friday, January 6th: Today Carson went back to school, even though he still had a bad cough. The kids were so excited after school, no homework! All 4 love when there is no homework.

Saturday, January 7th: Today we relaxed and hung out at home. Josh worked on our yearly video. The boys played Legos. Emma and Parker played Barbies. The kids got all their blankets out and watched a movie before bed. We are still trying to get back into a routine and trying to get this stupid cold that has been in this house for almost 3 weeks.

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