Monday, January 2, 2012

Clothespin Chore Charts

With the kids getting older and Josh and I being a little slack on the chore duties, it is time to change things around here. I knew the kids needed something visual for their chore lists. On pinterest I saw a chore chart using clothespins. I thought this was a great idea. I wrote each chore/to do on a clothespin. The kids, especially the boys have asked about an allowance. We decided that would be a good idea for them to start learning about saving money. However, we will only pay for 3 things on their list. The chores/to do that need to be done everyday and will not be paid for are: brush teeth in the morning, make bed & pick up babies (stuffed animals, which they are have special ones that go on the bed), put dirty clothes in the laundry, do homework with complaining, for Emma and Parker they will have a special writing or drawing project to do during homework time, read for 20 minutes, practice their AWANA bible verse, brush teeth before bed and say their prayers. We will be paying $0.25 each day for 3 things: chore #1 which consists of cleaning 2 things in your room, chore #2 is helping with something in the rest of the house- clearing table after dinner, helping with dishes, cleaning the white table, and picking up extra toys, and finally we are starting buddy time which they can earn a quarter as well. The boys all get along really well but sometimes Emma gets left out. We want them all to get along with each other and be nicer to each other. Monday thru Thursday they will take turns spending 20 minutes together, away from the other kids doing something fun. We are really hoping this works. The final clip on their list is Saturday clean-up. They will get $0.50 for helping with whatever we ask, cleaning the playroom, cleaning under their beds, etc. If they do all their chores the entire week, on Saturday they will earn $4.00. They will be allowed to spend $1.00 but the rest will be saved for our trip back to the States this summer.

When they have completed that task they can move the clothespin to the other side. This way they can look at their list and see what they still need to do. The boys are really excited about this whole plan. They had the first 3 things done on their lists before I got up this morning.

To address bad behavior I made up some clothespins with not so fun chores, a few funny things, such as rub Dad's head for 10 minutes, a few free passes, and some writing practice. The kids will get 1 warning. After that they have to close their eyes and pick a clothespin. They will have to do what it says before bed. The boys read through them this morning before school. They kept laughing and saying I want to do this one, oh I would hate to do this one, oh no, no way I will do this. Since time outs do not work very well around here, I'm really helping this helps stop some of the bad things happening in this house.

We are all looking forward to a new and fresh start in 2012!