Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Family Journal: Week 2, January 8th- 14th

Sunday, January 8th: Today the big kids had AWANA's. The boys worked really hard on their last 3 verses before earning their wings. Both boys were able to say all 3 and got their awards. They were so excited! Emma also said another verse and was excited about that. It was take a friend day. The boys took Cate and Emma took Meg. Parker enjoyed a special date with Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, January 9th: Today we dragged ourselves out of bed. No one was ready for the week to start. Why isn't the weekend 3 days?

Tuesday, January 10th: Today Emma and Parker played Barbies, the whole day. It was so nice to watch them get along for such a long period.

Wednesday, January 11th: Today I went to Cooper's IEP meeting at school. Josh went out to the airport and picked up the new guy, Max.

Thursday, January 12th: Today Emma, Parker, and I had coffee with Erica and the girls. We ran a few errands. The boys had a lot of homework to do.

Friday, January 13th: Today Josh was busy helping the new guy run around the base doing his in processing. After school we played on the playground for awhile, and they had a blast.

Saturday, January 14th: Today we took the new guy, Max around the island a little. We took him to the fish market and to walk around Kokusai Street. Josh and I treated ourselves to Coco's for dinner, Japanese curry. It is so yummy!

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