Sunday, January 1, 2012

January To Do List

January 2012

1. Organize kids clothes
2. Create new chore system and stick to it
3. Scrapbook May 2010, June 2010
4. Edit and Order Photos- May 2011, Napa 2011, June 2011, Vegas 2011
5. Complete all 12 projects- Date Night, Explore Okinawa, Special Craft, Family Movie Night, Sugar Cookies, Family Dinner, Family Picture, Self Portrait, Letter Writing, Kid Date, Just Desserts, and Photo Excursion (8/12)
6. Complete 52 weeks projects- Focus 52 (x4), Project 52 (x4), Scrapbook Thursdays (x4)
7. Plan 14 Day Valentine Countdown (going to pass on this, too busy, sickies got in the way, and Josh will be gone)
8. Do Taxes

I love making lists. I get more done if I have a list. I really get a lot done if I post my list on this blog. I'm hoping a monthly list will help me stay on top of things and get more accomplished.

- Recap: Did a majority of the things on my list. Wasn't able to complete all 12 projects but had a lot of fun completing 8/12. Edited 100's of pictures and ordered prints. I'm pretty proud of how much I accomplished.

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