Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review- January to June

January: Playing outside, watching AJ, lots of jumping on the bed, watching the Ducks play in the Rose Bowl, last minute decision to apply for an assignment in Okinawa, Japan, lots of Wii playing
February: Parker started speech therapy, huge family trip to Disneyland (16 of us in all), Cooper turned 6 with a Pirate Party, fan appreciation day at the Giants stadium, found out we got the assignment to Okinawa, Japan
March: whirlwind of paperwork, doctor appointments, dentist appointments and scheduling, Carson and Cooper started baseball, T-ball for Cooper and machine pitched for Carson, Carson and Cooper both got awards at school
April: Josh went to Florida for training before the big move, the kids and I went up to Portland for Spring Break, we had so much fun at Grandma & Grandpa's house, fishing, trip to the zoo, lots of Easter fun, and visiting the tulip fields, Back to school night for the boys, 2 baseball per boy each week plus practice
May: Josh came back from Florida and we surprised him at the airport with signs, lots of pool time, more baseball games, my friend Erin visited us, my Mom visited and we went to Napa for the first time and it was amazing, last trip to San Francisco, the house was packed up and the boys worked on finishing up school
June: Cooper graduated from kindergarten, Carson finished 1st grade, we had a big going away party with our friends, we spent 2 weeks in Portland spending time with family before the move, Josh and I went on our first trip alone to Vegas and it was fantastic, headed up to Seattle and flew across the Pacific ocean to Okinawa, Japan- 16 hours of traveling, lived in TLF for almost 2 weeks

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