Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 23

Excitement filled the house today because it was the Eve of Christmas Eve. The kids are so incredibly excited for Christmas. After hanging out this morning, we went and had lunch at the BX, checked the mail, and the kids got the rest of their gift exchange presents. Yes, they talked us into buying a present for each of their siblings instead of just one. We came home and they helped wrap the presents they were giving. The tree is really filling up! After that we went to the park and played. I really wanted a picture of everyone up on the hill, but it started to rain before everyone could get up there. Still, the park was fun.

After dinner we watched the new Prep & Landing short video. The kids loved it, but wish it was a lot longer. We had bought some new ornaments last month, and we forgot to put them up on the tree. So the kids hung them tonight. For treat we had sugar cookies.

Finally, tonight's book was, "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas." In true Cooper's fashion he chose to pose this way tonight. Another fun-filled day and tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

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