Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we all got dressed up. We had no place to go, but you have to get dressed up sometime during Christmas. I attempted to get pictures of the kids, but they were all just too excited for Christmas to stand still. We ran a few last minute errands. Josh stayed home with the kids while I got a few things.
Normally we would have gone to church today. We have really missed our old church back in California, Bayside. This year they chose a few of their 17 Christmas Eve services to stream live. The 9pm service was perfect for us to watch in the afternoon. Josh wrote on the chat page of the service that we were watching in Okinawa. When Pastor Ray came out he mentioned our family and that we were watching in Okinawa. He thanked us Josh for his service and the whole church wished us a Merry Christmas. We all thought that was so special. It really made our Christmas Eve amazing. The kids really liked that also. They too really miss our old church.

After watching the church service the kids started tracking Santa. They were so excited Okinawa was one of the first places Santa stops. The kids got their new Christmas pj's. Then they got to open their Christmas Eve present, new ornaments. They made Santa a huge plate of cookies along with some milk and carrots for the reindeer. We read "The Night Before Christmas." and then they hopped into bed. All 4 were so excited!!!

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