Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review- July to December

July: we moved into our new house off base, we set up the house and started to explore the new country we are living in, numerous trips to many different beaches, explored castle ruins, the aquarium and Japanese navy ships, lots of searching for crabs and lots of swimming practice, one typhoon and one earthquake, Emma turned 5 with a Hello Kitty birthday
August: Josh went on his first TDY, the kids and I continued to explore Okinawa with adventures to Naha, the fish market, Okinawa World, and the water park, Parker turned 3 with a Toy Story party, Carson started 2nd grade and Cooper started 1st grade
September: Emma, Parker and I had special days at the beach while the boys were in school, Josh went on his second TDY, we went to the zoo, played at the beach and searched for crabs, stayed busy playing in the bathtub on rainy days
October: we explored a lot more since the weather cooled down some, boys kept very busy with lots of homework, I turned 30 and we celebrated at a flower garden, lots of pineapple eating, lots of painting, had our first Halloween in Okinawa and trick-or-treated on base
November: Josh went on his 3rd TDY and missed his 29th birthday, the boys had a lot of school off, all 4 kids got really sick while Josh was gone, it was horrible, we had a large earthquake and it was crazy, Josh got home in time for Thanksgiving
December: Josh went on his 4th TDY, kids and I kept busy everyday with our fun 25 days of Christmas countdown, lots of present wrapping, played at the park and beach a lot, had an amazing Christmas, Carson turned 8 with a birthday on the beach

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