Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 10

Oh happy Saturday! We went to the grocery store early before it got too crowded. We watched "The Santa Claus 2" while we ate lunch. Then we set up our activity for the day. The kids have always loved watching the show "Minute to Win It". I found THIS on pinterest. The website has ton of Christmas minute to win it games. Today we played "jingle in the trunk". We used a belt to hold an empty tissue box filled with jingle bells. The kids each took turns wiggling their booties to get the bells out. It was hilarious! Our second game was "present delivery". They had to carry 3 bags using just their teeth and place them standing on 3 plates. The kids just loved playing these games!

Today's treat was going to be a dressed up hershey bar. But I didn't get around to wrapping them up like reindeer. And no, they did not get to eat the whole thing, just 4 mini squares.

Tonight's book was opened by Emma. She didn't want anymore pictures, so Carson stepped in. We read. "Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight." Following story time, the kids discussed all the different kinds of animals that could pull Santa's sleigh and if it would work. They had some pretty cute stories!

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