Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 5

Today was planned with mainly Emma in mind, however everyone enjoyed all we did. After school the boys hurried and got their homework done. We went down to the seawall quickly to see if the tide was out, and once again it wasn't. We have tried a few times to catch low tide, but always go at the wrong time. The kids were bummed, but we came home and ate dinner. While I made dinner the kids had a Barbie Christmas party with Emma's barbies. Carson and Cooper both played barbies with the other two, but didn't want their picture taken. I said there is nothing wrong with boys playing barbies, but they just laughed.

After eating dinner the kids sat down to watch the movie. This time we watched the movie on the computer. You just have to love iTunes and all the movie rentals that are available. The movie today was the new. "Barbie's A Perfect Christmas." Once again the boys said they didn't want to watch. But they watched the whole thing and sang along with the songs! Emma of course LOVED the movie!

I had planned on making some cookies for our treat, but that didn't go as planned. So, we had Naughty & Nice Sundaes. I used oreo ice cream and the cookies were the coal for the naughty part. The red and white were the nice part, representing Santa. The kids thought that was pretty cool.

Finally, before bed Emma got to open the book. Of course, the book today was, "Barbie's A Perfect Christmas." We read our story, said goodnight to Daddy on Facetime and they headed to bed.

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