Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 1

Today we started our 25 days of Christmas Countdown. The kids were so excited. Carson and Cooper got their homework quickly so we could start the fun. First the kids wrote their official wishlist for Santa. They all took their time and really thought about what to write. They have multiple lists floating around the house and have been making them for a few weeks. But, this is the official copy for Santa.

Tonight's movie was Home Alone. The kids had cheese pizza for dinner. As a special treat I let them eat out in the living room. For treat we had Home Alone ice cream sundaes- oreo ice cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, Christmas M&M's, and Christmas sprinkles. The kids were very happy to see their Christmas dishes brought out. We don't have any bowls so they ate their sundaes in mugs.

I decided that we would open the books in order from youngest to oldest. That meant Parker got to go first today. He was so excited to open the book! Tonight we read "Santa Duck" by the Christmas tree. It was a great start to our joyous Christmas season.

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