Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Gorgeous Day at White Beach

Today was a beautiful, sunny, and blue sky day. We headed out to White Beach mid morning to go for a walk on the beach and look for shells and crabs. The water was up really high but we all had a lot of fun combing the beach. Josh found a huge dead fish with really big teeth. Cooper played with a big dead crab and was so excited about it. Emma filled her bucket with shells and sea glass. Parker found the best and biggest shell. Carson played along the shore, jumping in the waves. After walking on the beach for awhile the kids played on the playground. Nothing better than playing on the playground, on the beach, in shorts at the end of December.

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  1. It seems your family had a wonderful time at the beach! I know how it feels! Our house is located near a white sand beach. As sea lovers, it is practically family custom to have a picnic during special occasions. We surf, collect seashells, and go fishing. And at lunchtime, we grill and eat the fish we caught.

    Marianne Holly