Saturday, March 17, 2012

1st Real Beach Day of the Year- Hamahiga Island

On Friday I promised the kids we would go to the beach on Saturday. We bought all new beach toys. I checked and rechecked the weather forecast. It said partly sunny. The weather forecast here is never accurate and the weather can change in a matter of minutes. We woke up Saturday to clouds, haze and extreme humidity. Daddy left for his next trip. We spent the morning just hanging out, waiting for the weather to clear. By 12 is looked a little better, still very humid, but the sun was trying to break through. We packed up and headed to Hamahiga Island to play at the beach there. I love this spot. We had the beach to ourselves. The island was covered in sunshine with clouds surrounding it. It was perfect!

Carson, Cooper, and Emma worked on making sandcastles. I said toes only in the water. But you know how that goes. They just kept getting more and more wet.

Parker was loving his new big shovel. He was in his own little world. He was having so much fun and just loved jumping over the mini-waves.

The kids were so excited to have new beach toys. I saw them at the BX and knew we had to get them before they were gone. The one rule you must follow here in Okinawa is this, if you see something you might want at the BX or need, you must buy it then, otherwise you will go back later and it will be gone.

The color of the water changes depending on cloud cover. There are so many different blues and greens. The water is so clear you can see the bottom. It is just beautiful!

After we packed up the toys, we sat around and talked on the beach while they dried off. They discussed what was swimming out there in the ocean. Sharks, fish, whales, crabs were on the list.

We spent 2 hours at the beach. It was such a wonderful day. The sunshine felt so good. It was a great first real beach day of the year!

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