Sunday, March 25, 2012

1st Visit to Nishihara Beach

Today we woke up to blue sky and sunshine. Emma, Parker and I took the boys to school then went grocery shopping. We came home and intended on staying home. But the weather was just too nice. We decided to continue our new beach exploration. We headed south about 20 minutes from our house to Nishihara Beach. What a wonderful beach with soft sand and lots of room to play. Half the beach is rocky and the other half is sand.

On Josh's last trip to Thailand he got Emma and Parker the cutest Thai outfits. I have been wanting to take their pictures in them for a long time. Today was the perfect day. They looked so cute!!

We explored the rocky side first. They looked for shells and crabs. Of course the elephant had to come with us.

Then we headed to the other side with the best sand. It was warm and sunny, just perfect. While they played I had a nice talk with an elderly Japanese man. He spoke English pretty well. He tried teaching me some Japanese. We talked about the United States and all the places he has visited, including our hometown of Portland, Oregon. He was so nice.

Then it was time to come home and have lunch before picking up the boys. Can you tell Emma was not ready to leave? I just love the looks she gives me sometimes.

We will definitely be coming back to this beach. There is also a huge playground, but we didn't have time to play. Next time for sure!

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