Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Visit to Okinawa World

Today we met Diana, Hannah and Addie for breakfast. We all ate a ton of yummy food then headed south to Okinawa World. The kids had been looking forward to today's adventure all week. The weather wasn't great, windy and very hazy from the china yellow dust that is passing. Carson just loves Okinawa World so he was really excited.

We were all happy to go through the cave first. It was windy and cold outside. But in the cave it was warm. Everyone had fun walking through the cave.

After the cave we walked through the village with all types of shopping and crafts. The kids always love stopping at the dried fruit stand. The man working there is so nice and gave the kids plenty of samples. We bought our usual dried strawberries, yummy.

We watched the amazing Eisa show with the awesome drummers. The kids LOVE that show. They go to take pictures with some of the drummers after the show. Emma was MIA because she was still upset about the appearance of the shisa dog.

After the snake museum we walked around some more. The kids ran around and played. They were crazy but they were having so much fun.

These 6 kids get along so well. They all have different personalities. They are so funny together. Trying to get them all to look and smile for a picture, well, that's nearly impossible.

(August 2011 Visit to Okinawa World: here, here, here, here)

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