Monday, March 26, 2012

After School Fun at Araha Beach

After school the boys were not too happy to find out we spent the morning at the beach without them. Neither had much homework and the weather was still perfect, so we headed to Araha Beach. Of course there was a 10 minute discussion amongst them on which beach to go to. So many beaches to choose from and everyone has a different favorite. We got to the beach, they kicked off their shoes and ran down to the water. I said toes only, but you know how that usually ends.

After 5 minutes their shorts/pants were getting wet. Off those came and the boys played in their undies and shirts. They didn't mind at all, even Carson who is usually very modest.

Emma brought 2 of her barbies to the beach. They all took turns playing with those in the water. Emma was very excited that they floated.

There was a boat pulling a wakeboarder back and forth so there were lost of waves to jump. This beach is always very calm, so the kids were excited. They also enjoyed watching the wakeboarder who was very good and could do many tricks.

As with any adventure of ours on this island the kids are stopped and asked if their picture can be taken. This family was from Tokyo. The mom spoke ok English. She was so in love with kids.

Cooper was the first to get cold. He headed back up to the pirate ship to play. The other three splashed and played for a long time. They were soaked! It was a wonderful afternoon at the beach.


  1. I love bring my 2 sons and 1 daughter to a beach! We usually camp there and they stay the whole day with bikinis and so much fun!