Friday, March 30, 2012

The Best Surprise

Yesterday was the greatest day. Josh surprised us all and came home a few days early. He got home around lunch time and surprised Emma and Parker first. They were so surprised. Later we surprised the boys at school. They ran and attacked Josh. They were shocked! Carson almost started crying he was so happy to see Daddy. We were all so happy he was home, especially me. He made it home for our 10th Anniversary!

After school we went to the Dolphin Park. Emma had been begging all week to go to this park. They played on the playground for a little bit. Josh pushed then on the horse ride. It was a beautiful day.

The park also has a beach area. The tide was out so we went exploring for creatures. Carson found this little guy. The most exciting find was some starfish, finally. Cooper is always looking for starfish and we never see any.

Parker loved watching the planes fly over the beach. Emma had fun playing in the coral and rocks. After the beach we picked up CoCo's and headed home for a yummy dinner.

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