Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1st Visit to Toguchi Beach

Today the boys didn't have school. The weather was perfect again, blue sky, no humidity and 74. We met the McMillan's at Toguchi Beach. The kids were so excited to spend the day with their favorite girls, Hannah and Addie. It's always nice to get together with friends, especially when all 6 kids are missing their Dad's.

Toguchi Beach has a great playground, lots of paths for exploring, really cool caves and hidden areas, and a wide strip of sand. First we explored some of the paths that overlooked the ocean and cliffs.

We continued walking around until we ended up at the bottom along the water. Parker couldn't wait to get down to the water and start collecting treasures.

What started as just getting a little wet turned into full on swimming in the caves. Carson, Cooper, Hannah and Addie had no fear. Parker and Emma played some in the deeper water, but they are more timid in the ocean. The other 4 had so much fun!

This was such a great beach for exploring. Not the best for swimming, but that did not stop them. I loved all the cliffs.

I am so happy the kids have made such great friends. They just love playing with Hannah and Addie. They get so upset when we have to leave. They all get along great and are so funny together. I mean really funny!

Here is a short video of the kids swimming in the caves. I haven't included a video in awhile but I have been meaning to. Enjoy.

After Toguchi Beach we headed to Torii Station for a lunch break before heading to some other beaches. What a perfect day!

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