Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 Months

Today we have officially lived in Okinawa for 2 months. I can't believe how fast timed has flied. The first few weeks were rough, I'm not going to lie. So many changes and so many new customs to get used to. The heat and humidity, crazy storms and driving on the other side of the road and car to name a few. There have been ups and downs, but we have had so much fun. Our many trips to the beach make up for the many bugs that have made their way into our house. The time we have spent together as a family make up for the outrageous prices here. Our many memories of this new adventure will continue to grow. We have celebrated 2 birthdays here already.  Josh is already on his first TDY and will be gone quite a bit the rest of this year. However, a few weeks at a time is better than him being away months at a time. The kids have handled all this change surprisingly well. They miss their friends and the old house, but they love going to the beach whenever they want. The big boys are really looking forward to starting school soon. I can only imagine what adventures the next few months will bring!

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