Friday, August 19, 2011

First Pages from Disneyland February 2010

The kids decided I should scrapbook our Disneyland 2010 trip. So I started on the pictures from that trip. It was such an amazing trip, Parker's first time going and Aunt Chelsea came with us! Also, Emma was old enough to really be into the Princesses so there was a lot of girly time this Disney trip!

"Princess Memories"
Emma's Favorite Princess
"Daddy's Girl"
This layout was one of the most liked on 2peas!
Memories of a Lifetime
"Best Friends"
I did this page for a challenge contest. I love
how it turned out. We'll see what the results are next week.
"Splash Mountain"
Cooper's 1st time on it and he loved it!

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  1. how old were your 4 kids when you went, i have 6 kids and working on my album