Friday, August 5, 2011

Typhoon Muifa- Part 8, 8/6/11, 7:00am

Last night around 7 the winds seemed to die down, just a little. By 8pm they came back with a vengeance. It was worse then this afternoon and unexpected. Between 8pm and 12am we got 8.5 inches of rain, making a total of 17.5 inches. It was so loud in the house and we started getting leaks in different places. They kept saying it was going to end, but it just kept blasting us. We finally got to sleep and thought this morning would be a lot calmer. We were wrong. Woke up to pouring rain and crazy wind. This typhoon is never going to end. As of 6:00am, we have already gotten 34 inches of rain, yes, you read that right 34 INCHES in less than 36 hours. They are now saying we will get 40+ inches. It is still very windy and the rain is insane. This typhoon is the never going away!

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