Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Interview with Cooper

1. Favorites- Color, Food, Toy, Game, Movie, Treat, Animal, Book: Green, Cereal, Legos, Pirates of the Caribbean wii game, Rio & Transformers, Sharks, Whales & Elephants, ocean books
2. What do you miss from back home? Cam & his other friends
3. What do you like here? All the beaches and how close they are to us.
4. What do you not like here? The storms, not because they are scary, but because we have to stay home.
5. What was your most favorite adventure this summer? Going to the Aquarium
6. What do you enjoy doing? Playing Legos, playing with his sharks, going to the beach
7. What is the weirdest/coolest thing in Japan? The bugs are weird and the beaches are the coolest
8. What is your favorite subject? Least favorite? Math is his favorite, reading his least favorite
9. What do you want to learn this year at school? Learn about sea creatures
10. Why are you excited to start school? Eating lunch there, meeting new friends

Cooper is such a sweet little boy. He is quiet but has the most amazing imagination. He is a string bean, tall and skinny. Cooper will still cuddle with us. Carson talks over him often, so he really has to speak up to say what he wants. He really loves sharks, whales, and other sea creatures. Cooper is always making silly faces and he loves to pose in crazy ways. Cooper also loves to copy Josh. He is very sweet with Parker, gets annoyed easily by Emma and loves playing with Carson.

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  1. You have some great kids there :-) I cant wait to be a mam!!