Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Interview with Parker

1. Favorites- Color, Food, Toy, Game, Movie, Treat, Animal, Book: Blue, yogurt, Legos, batman guys, toy story guys, Toy Story 3 & all the Batman movies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, penguins, and Go Dog Go
2. What do you miss from back home? Grandma & Grandpa
3. What do you like here? going to the beach
4. What do you not like here? big bugs
5. What was your most favorite adventure this summer? going to the waterpark
6. What do you enjoy doing? playing Legos, playing with his "girls" (barbies), playing with his Batman guys, riding my tractor
7. What do you want to do when the boys are at school? play Legos all by myself
8. Do you like going to the beach or waterpark better? waterpark
9. What do you like helping Mommy do? make cookies
10. What are you scared of? bats

Parker, my little Parker. He is just the most adorable little boy. He is full of energy and the silliest faces ever. He has really started talking so much better, not always nice words, but hey, he is talking more in sentences. He loves playing with his brothers and sister. He is willing to help out clean if everyone else helps out. Parker still loves his blue blankie and will not go to bed without it. He also goes to bed with his Lego guys, Batman guys, Toy Story guys, and his girls. Yes, he calls them his girls and if he can't find them, watch out. Parker really is the cutest little thing ever!

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  1. Aww super cute answers and i giggled at what he doesnt like big bugs totally agree with you there Parker I hate all bugs hehe