Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Interview wtih Emma

1. Favorites- Color, Food, Toy, Game, Movie, Treat, Animal, Book: Pink, Grapes & Noodles, Barbies, Pretty Pretty Princess, Tinkerbell, Cinderella & Tangled, Milkshakes, Dogs
2. What do you miss from back home? Grandma & Grandpa, her old room
3. What do you like here? the Toys R Us here, beaches
4. What do you not like here? Bugs
5. What was your most favorite adventure this summer? Going to the Aquarium, going to the market with the crazy fish
6. What do you enjoy doing? playing Barbies, coloring, cleaning up
7. What do you want to do while the boys are at school? go places without them, make cupcakes
8. What are your favorite craft supplies? crayons, glitter glue, stickers
9. Would you rather go to the beach or waterpark? beach
10. What are you scared of? bugs and lizards

Emma is such a funny little girl. She is getting so tall. Her hair is always crazy, especially here with all the humidity. She loves playing barbies and loves to color. Emma always helps clean up and will ask for things to help out with. Emma makes the funniest faces and says some things so funny. I am so blessed to have a little girl amongst all these boys!

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  1. I loved my barbies too!! Still kept all mine its in mam n dads loft so if i have a little girl she can have them all so of the barbies were my mams so there very retro!